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Natalie Windsor is a spiritual healer in the Derbyshire Dales, UK.  You can contact Natalie on her contact page.

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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual energy is everything that permeates our reality and our existence.  So it can be considered that anything, and everything, is a part of our spiritual healing and unfoldment.  There are many different healers out there in this country, and other countries around the world.  Colour, music, angels, healing with the hands…aromatherapy, homeopathy, crystals, counselling… these are all forms of spiritual healing.  Another term often used is vibrational healing – the idea that all energy vibrates at a unique frequency that can help us in some way.

I like to work with colour, through clairvoyance, guided meditation and visualisation, the angelic and devic kingdom, and also flower essences, aromatherapy, crystals and art – calling upon the healing colours of the plant kingdom and world around us, to help brighten areas of the aura, and chakra system.

As a classical musician, I have always been aware, on some level, of singing as a healing process.  Following on from wonderful instruction by my musical family, at the age of 9, I started my first singing lessons.  In a way, this is what led me to meditation and a healing path, with all the breathing exercises, beautiful sounds, and spending an hour with someone who would support me gently to being myself.  Spiritual counselling for me is very much like this.  Every client is a beautiful human who wants to express something, and is on a journey of discovering themselves. 

I believe everyone knows the way, somewhere inside of themselves and, through talking and listening, guided exercises and teachings, and gentle work with the subtle light bodies of the aura, my aim is to stimulate a client’s natural self-healing, and awakening.

Sessions are around one hour, and can be taken at any time – whether you feel you are experiencing difficulty in some aspect of your life, or whether you simply would love a review, to celebrate how well you are doing.  Healing over a distance is free – you are welcome to tune into the energies through this page, or to email with a healing request.

Throughout my healing journey, I have become profoundly aware of the love and support for myself, and humanity, in other dimensions – from guides, loved ones and creative people who have passed on, angels and devas.  We are assisted by the organisation Heartstar, guides and healing attunements from the Sirius star system.  Anyone who would like a medium-style reading, channeling, or to unfold a deepening connection with mentoring, is welcome to have a session.  If you would like to book a themed workshop, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  You can also join us on weekly planetary healing attunements:

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