Natalie Windsor – Spiritual Healer

Healing with Colour

Colour is one of the most wonderful reasons for being alive on this Earth.  It’s all around us.  As a child, there’s nothing quite like joyfully dipping a thick paintbrush in classroom paint, with its characteristic smell, and spreading it about all over the place!  Clothes that help us express ourselves, home decor that helps to create a mood, flower petals that soothe us…the jewelled and shimmering wings of a butterfly, the vivid colour palettes in ancient and modern art.  Advertisers of course have long cottoned on to how colour might affect our decision to buy, or how we might remember a brand or product. 

How does blue make you feel?  And do you feel differently when immersing yourself in a baby blue, or a violet blue? 

Maybe you might feel a colour resonate in a particular part of your energy system.

Perhaps you may feel brighter, or as though you are beginning to let go of something from within you. 

Have fun exploring this page, and I hope it inspires you to notice more colour in the world around you, stop to smell the flowers or enjoy watching a bird, and how it makes you feel.  If you’d like to take things a little further, perhaps you might like to try chakra breathing, get some pencils and paper out, or to discuss your aura colours, and how they relate to your unique expression, and what’s going on in your life right now, in a guided session.